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Chan & Naylor JVP Conference Nov. 30 in Brisbane

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The 2nd 2017 Chan & Naylor JVP Conference was held at Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, Australia on Nov. 30th and Dec. 1st. This national conference is a bi-annual event exclusively for the company’s partners and sponsors.

It was attended by professionals who gained valuable knowledge on the latest industry trends and multiple opportunities to network.

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The Chan & Naylor JVP Conference was attended by Chan & Naylor Founders Mr. Ed Chan and David Naylor, Mr. Peter Loder of Topdocs, and Mr. Victor Jahja and Rob Spicer of Accountancy Insurance, who talked about the different coverages available for accountants and businesses. Mr. Peter McKnoulty of Transition Planning discussed about retirement plans for pre-retirees and Mr. John Kukulovski talked about the new Chan & Naylor’s liquidations arm. Ms. Janelle Bartlett and Mr. Clive Nelson held a session for Xero users while Ms. Karen Vercoe of HR People and Mr. George Kafantaris of Mosaic Property Management took the stage that day as well.

Chan & Naylor

Other participants include Mr. Adam Carmody, who talked about wealth planning opportunities for the group, Mr. Jamie Beresford, who discussed about Practice Protect platform and Mandatory Breach Reporting legislation that comes out in Feb 2018, and Mr. Walter Respopin, who presented the various mortgage trust solutions of Trilogy Funds. Mr. Doug Daniels updated the group about Finance and loan brokering market and Ms. Rikki Carandang capped the event about Chan & Naylor Marketing updates and plans for 2018.

Chan & Naylor

“Participating in the JVP Conference allows me to stay current with property and business industry changes and trends,” said Simon Perkovich of North Sydney practice (hyerplink Simon). “I am committed to continued education and the CN JVP Meeting undeniably enables access to important and relevant information necessary to meeting the needs of my clients and running a better business.”

The JVP Conference is an event where all Chan and Naylor partners from different states congregate for two days with third party industry providers.

Chan and Naylor has nationwide offices in Brisbane (managed by Michael Burgess and Robert Edwards) and Capalaba (managed by Janelle Bartlett) both in Queensland, Melbourne CBD and Moonee Ponds both in Victoria (managed by Sandro Bagnati), East Perth in Western Australia (managed by Lilian Fisher) , and Bankstown (managed by Peter Ristevski), Parramatta (managed by Clive Nelson), Pymble (managed by Ian Seeto), North Sydney (managed by Andrew Stanning), and Sydney CBD in New South Wales (managed by Ershad Ullah). The Wealth Planning Division is headed by Adam Carmody and the Chan and Naylor Finance team by Graeme Salt and Doug Daniels.

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