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2016 will be different to 2015.

For property investors, 2015 has been marked by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) forcing banks to become more cautious on lending on residential investment properties. For markets such as Sydney and Melbourne, this is probably drawing this …

My Top 5 Ranked Events (in order) that will impact your property Investing in Australia in 2016.

In Scott Morrisons updated budget report delivered this month, Treasury is stating that the housing construction boom ends this year. The boom has carried much of the economy since the resources investment sector declined. However there is still expected to be some growth in new home building and renovation. Government statistics predict a modest 2 per cent next financial year compared with 8.5 per cent this year – note there has been a downward trend for dwelling approvals for seven months in a row….but how does this latest news impact the property market in 2016? Here are my top 5 ranked in order of events that will impact your property investment in 2016.

How to save $9.9 billion

More borrowers are being encouraged to take advantage of some of the lowest home loan rates in history, following a new survey by one of Australia’s biggest comparison websites,, which found about two in five mortgage holders …

Thanks for the Ride 2015

Many successful  property investors adopt a ‘buy and hold’ approach; long term property is seen as a good investment, even if there are periods of stagnation.  Right now, many investors are asking where they stand; some markets are …

How’s the market?

Australians are passionate about their homes and enjoy the confidence that comes with owning real estate. And there has been a lot for property owners to love over the past two years with strong price growth, particularly in …


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