3 Priorities for Accounting Business Leaders

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In the spirit of helping accounting business leaders manage their teams so it’s a win-win for everyone including clients, staff, creditors and shareholders – I would like to highlight 3 important priorities that every business leader should focus on:

 • 3 Priorities for Accounting Business Leaders

  1. You need to maintain a positive mood personally (Green Zone); so when you step foot into the office you need to switch on your ‘happy mood’.
  2. You need to keep their tribe (and ultimately the organisation) in the Green Zone; and
  3. To have the will and skill to help those with low mood (Red Zone) get into the Green Zone.


Because as leaders, we are the ‘Chief Mood Officers’ for our tribe.

Everything we do, our team would in some way emulate or use as a benchmark to justify their own behaviour.

Negative or low moods (Red Zone), particularly from leaders, often lead to a working environment that’s fraught with fear and insecurity. It dampens team morale and impacts their productivity.

Have you noticed that people tend to avoid you when you’re in a ‘bad mood’?

What if there’s a critical business decision to be made and one of your team needs your immediate guidance, but they’re nervous about approaching you because of how you might react? 

Positive Moods (Green Zone) leads to more productive employees and ultimately a more profitable business. 

Harvard Business Review (HBR) research found that employees in the ‘Green Zone’ are:

        • 31% more productive,
        • Sell 37% more,
        • Have 10% higher customer rating,
        • 300% more creative.

It’s vital that the mood you set and the culture you cultivate is one that keeps the whole tribe unified and in the right zone – the ‘Green Zone’.

Be aware of your team’s emotional state and be ahead of the curve in addressing this before it becomes a problem.

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In doing this you will achieve:

  1. Happier staff
  2. Which leads to happier clients as they are treated better by your team
  3. More productive and focused individuals, working more effectively as a team.
  4. Higher profits (increased pie) which means the ability to pay more to staff.


In summary,

If you want happy staff – you need to first be a ‘happy boss’.

If you want happy clients – you need to first create a positive working environment that produces ‘happy staff’.


So, as a the Chief Mood Office, ask yourself this question: are you operating in the ‘Green Zone’ or the ‘Red Zone’ today?


Ed Chan - Chan & Naylor

Ed Chan


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