5 Qualities that Makes you a Good Leader

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The essence of success is in strong leadership. Whether that’s the parents of a family, the head master of a school, the Managing Director of a Company, the Manager of a team, the Captain of a sporting team or the Prime Minister of a Country. It is essential that you are a good leader if you want people to respect and follow you.

great leader

Leadership is all about “TRUST AND RESPECT

To achieve Trust and Respect one must:

  1. Walk Their Talk – never say one thing and do another. This is the fastest way to lose people’s respect.

They don’t have to like you; they just have to respect and trust you. They won’t follow you unless they can trust you will do what you say. If you are not prepared to do what you say it’s best not to say it. If you promise something make sure that you honour it even if it’s to your own detriment. Otherwise don’t promise it. The quickest way to lose respect is to talk and promise a lot but deliver very little.

  1. Always act with Integrity and never do anything under handed – always do the right moral thing even when there is peer pressure not to. No one that was evil has ever succeeded long term e.g. Hitler, etc.

Let the moral compass guide your decisions.” Integrity, honesty, doing the right thing for those around you even to your own disadvantage. That is not saying let dishonest people take advantage of you. As a leader, it’s incumbent upon you to expose dishonest people because they are taking advantage of others and you have a moral obligation to stop this.

  1. Make decisions based on the welfare of the whole team/group and not just an individual. Treat everyone the same. This is often difficult because your individual team members at times may request a benefit ahead of the group driven by “self-interest.” Especially never do something for “self-interest” ahead of your team.
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For example, never come in at 9.00am when you want them in at 8.45am. Put the welfare of your team ahead of your own. Give more than you take.

For example, if you want 100% from your team, you have to go to 120%. If you go to 100% your team will go to 80%.

All the great leaders of the world made sure the welfare of their followers came ahead of their own.

Example: Nelson Mandela, Gundi, Jesus etc…

Whenever leaders have benefited ahead of their followers they have eventually fallen.

Example: Gadhafi Suddam Hussein etc…

  1. Let “Results/Outcomes” be the guiding light to making decisions and not pride or ego or posturing

For example, it’s not about “being Right” it’s about getting the “Right result”. The right result is growing the pie for all and not fighting for a bigger slice of the pie so to speak.

  1. Be humble. The measure of this is how you treat the cleaner or the waiter or the telemarketer or the beggar. They are the principles of good leaders and they need to be worked at daily because it’s not easy to be a leader.

Lots of people want the benefits of leadership such as respect, trust and success but they are not prepared to suffer the hardships and sacrifices that goes with achieving it. It’s a journey and it needs to be worked at daily.


Ed Chan

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