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With a GPA of 6.5 from Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Angela Zhao tentatively applied for a vacancy that had been listed recently on the University bulletin board for a trainee Audit Accountant.

The advertisement was submitted by Robert Edwards, Chan & Naylor Partner with the Chan & Naylor national Audit team in Brisbane.  Having made her application and thinking that she would hear nothing more, Angela was surprised to receive a phone call from me with a request to present herself for an interview at our Kangaroo Point Office.

At the appointment, we were immediately struck by Angela’s passion and intelligence about auditing standards and principles. She was quickly able to communicate her knowledge and experience with accounting operations, design procedures and the ability to maintain sound internal controls. As well, her friendly disposition and articulate ability to communicate made her my first choice to take the position.

Angela Zhao

Originally from Dalian in China (a City nestling gently near the beaches of The Yellow Sea) Angela was told by her mother to ‘go study accounting, it is a good career for a girl’.  With these words of wisdom still ringing in her ears Angela moved to Ireland in 2003 and studied  at the Portobello College in Dublin, where she completed her BA in Accounting and Finance with an Honours 1.1 grade, and as well in 2006 received the Student of the Year award.  In January 2010 Angela qualified as a member of the Chartered Accountants in Ireland.

Not being able to get permanent residency in Ireland, Angela returned home to China and there worked with one of the largest Automotive car dealerships, Zhong Sheng Group Holdings which saw her travel to over 60 of their outlets nationally, applying her auditing mind and skills to ensure that their operational and financial audits were done in full compliance with their corporate policies and internal control standards.  This included;

  • Performing all audits in accordance with risk management.
  • Managing the design of Audit plans.
  • Identification of cost savings.
  • Preparation of Audit reports.
  • Staff managements.

In June of 2014, Angela applied to do her Masters of Business at Queensland University of Technology.  Why Queensland you may ask?  Well, coming from a moderately sized city in China but one situated on the coast of the Yellow Sea, this gave her access to the beaches and allowed her to enjoy one of her hobbies which is swimming.  Brisbane therefore was the obvious choice for Angela, and she very successfully completed her degree at QUT in November 2015 with a spectacular (as mentioned earlier) GPA of 6.5.

I am happy to report that Angela has accepted a role with Chan & Naylor Audit in January this year and has already become an integral part of my audit team.  Her responsibilities include;

  • Planning and strategy documents for audit engagement.
  • Preparation of audit documentation and financial statements.
  • Drafting company reports.
  • Management accounting.
  • Financial Reporting.
  • Preparation of Corporate Tax,VAT, P30 and P35 returns

What becomes a loss to Ireland is a win for Australia, I am happy to report that Chan & Naylor will be supporting Angela with her Permanent Residency status so that we can keep this remarkable talent here and working for you, our wonderful clients.

If you would like to know more about how Chan & Naylor can assist you with your auditing needs please call us on 1300 250 122 or go to www.chan-naylor.com.au and submit a ‘Contact Us’ form.


Robert Edwards

Robert edwards

Disclaimer: This article contains general information. Before you make any financial or investment decision you should seek professional advice to take into account your individual objectives, financial situation and individual needs.


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