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Since 1990, founding Partners, Ed Chan and David Naylor, have been passionate about helping clients to grow and protect their wealth. This same unbridled passion and commitment is ongoing today, with all Chan & Naylor Partners.

Today, Chan & Naylor Partner firms located Australia-wide, are led by remarkable business men and women, each having decades of business, property and client advisory experience.

Every Chan & Naylor Partner has a unique story.
We invite you read theirs below.


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  • Ed Chan

    Ed Chan

    Co-founder & Non-Executive Chairman
    Ed Chan is a Founder and Non Executive Chairman of Chan & Naylor and a leading authority in property and business tax. A graduate from the University of Technology (Sydney) with a Degree in Business (Accounting Major) and worked in the Chartered Accounting enviroment for many years before starting Chan & Naylor from a small home…

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  • David Naylor

    David Naylor

    Co-founder & Non-Executive Director
    David is the Co-founder of Chan and Naylor National Accounting Group. He is a Non Executive Director and sits on the Board of Chan and Naylor Australia and provides strategic advice and overall direction to the Group and Senior Management . David is a member of the Institute of Company Directors and the Governance Institute of…

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  • Michael Burgess

    Michael Burgess

    CPA - Joint Venture Partner, Chan & Naylor Brisbane Property Business Tax Accountants
    Michael Burgess (CPA) heads the team of business and property tax accountants in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. Michael has considerable tax accounting and business experience, helping clients to legally reduce taxes and improve their financial security.

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  • Doug Daniell - Director Chan & Naylor Finance

    Doug Daniell

    Director, Chan & Naylor
    Doug Daniell has a pedigree in real estate and finance of more than 20 years…Doug enjoys building businesses and helping clients build their own property portfolio.

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  • Graeme Salt - New Clients Manager, Chan & Naylor Finance

    Graeme Salt

    Managing Partner, Chan & Naylor Finance
    Graeme has many years business experience and a passion for helping people, whether it is to buy their own home, or get access to business loans.

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  • Clive Nelson, Managing Partner Chan & Naylor Parrmatta

    Clive Nelson

    Managing Partner, Chan & Naylor Parramatta
    Clive Nelson graduated from UTS with a B.Bus in Accounting, a qualified CPA and has been a tax agent for 35 years. Clive has been in public practice for 17 years with considerable experience in small business and Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

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  • Robert Edwards - C&N Audit Services - Chan & Naylor Audit Services

    Robert Edwards

    CPA - Director, C&N Audit Services
    Robert Edwards serves as Director of C&N Audit Services and leads a team of exceptionally gifted accounting professionals specialising in Independent Audit and Quality Assurance Reviews.

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  • Lilian Fisher Chan & Naylor Perth, tax accountant in Perth

    Lilian Fisher

    CPA, Managing Partner, Chan & Naylor Perth
    Lilian Fisher is the Managing Partner at Chan & Naylor Property & Business Tax Accountants in Perth. She leads a dynamic team of highly responsive property accountants and business accountants that help clients structure their businesses and investments in the most tax effective way, with a focus on improving asset protection and flexibility for wealth creation and family estate planning.

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  • Sandro Bagnati - Chan & Naylor Moonee Ponds Chan & Naylor Melbourne CBD

    Sandro Bagnati

    Managing Partner - Chan & Naylor: Moonee Ponds; Melbourne CBD
    Sandro Bagnati has been a certified practicing Accountant since 1981 and started in the Accounting and Finance industry in 1979. Initially working full time as a commercial accountant for large corporates and international companies, having roles as Finance Director & General Manager Accounting, his entrepreneurial spirit led him into Public Accounting.

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  • Coming Soon

    Andrew Stanning

    Senior Partner - Chan & Naylor North Sydney
    Andrew Stanning is a Chartered Accountant, a registered Tax Agent and Auditor. He is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Fellow of the Tax Institute of Australia and a member of the Self Managed Superannuation Fund Professional Association…

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  • Peter Ristevski - Chan & Naylor Bankstown - Former Deputy Mayor Current Councillor at Liverpool City Council

    Peter Ristevski

    Managing Partner, Chan & Naylor Bankstown
    Peter Ristevski is a CPA and holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from the University Of Western Sydney. He has more than 20 years experience in the accounting, finance and property sectors and is passionate about helping clients achieve their financial goals.

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  • Carmela Chong

    Director, C&N Audit Services
    Carmela Chong is a Partner at C&N Audit Services in Brisbane – a boutique partner firm specialising in Audit and Assurance services for clients across Australia…Carmela is a qualified Chartered Accountant and has over 16 years experience in External and Internal Audit in Australia and Singapore…

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  • Ian Seeto - Chan & Naylor Property & Business Tax Accountants in Pymble, NSW

    Ian Seeto

    Managing Partner - Chan & Naylor Property & Business Tax Accountants Pymble
    Ian Seeto is the Managing Partner of Chan & Naylor Property & Business Tax Accountants in Pymble, NSW. Mr. Seeto has extensive business experience…

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  • Simon Perkovitch

    Simon Perkovich

    Partner, Chan & Naylor North Sydney
    Simon is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in tax planning, accounting and business advisory engagements.

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  • Ershad Ullah - Managing Partner , Chan & Naylor Sydney CBD Central - Property & Business Tax Accountants Sydney CBD

    Ershad Ullah

    Managing Partner - Chan & Naylor Sydney CBD Central
    Ershad Ullah is the Managing Partner of Chan & Naylor Sydney CBD Central office.

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  • Janelle Bartlett

    Janelle Bartlett

    Chartered Accountant, Director
      Janelle Bartlett is a Chartered Accountant and partner of Chan & Naylor Redlands, located south of Brisbane – a leading authority in property and business tax. Janelle has over 20 years of experience in taxation and the …

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  • John Kukulovski

    Partner, Chan & Naylor Insolvency
    John Kukulovski has worked in the business recovery and insolvency field since 1997, focusing predominantly on corporate recovery and formal corporate insolvency appointments. John’s referral network comprises of various financial institutions, accountants, lawyers and other business professionals. John thrives …

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  • Cindy Su

    Managing Partner, Chan & Naylor Pymble   Holding a Master of Accounting degree and being a qualified Chartered Accountant & a registered SMSF Auditor, Cindy has been working in the Pymble practice for a decade specialising in property …

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  • Adam Thorpe

    Director – Insolvency and Reconstruction Holding an Accounting degree and being a qualified Chartered Accountant, Adam Thorpe has been in the practice for 12 years. Since 2006, Adam has previously worked with Linda Barbagello & Associates, BDO Kendalls, …

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