Aggressive Business Lending Benefits New Breed of Investors

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Aggressive business lending is now flowing through to businesses and commercial investors as the banks are drastically dropping rates to compete in the current market.  Chan & Naylor Finance has been told by many banks that this is where they see growth in 2016.  As a result, commercial investors can take advantage of the best borrowing conditions – “once in a generation” interest rates, an historic low of 2 per cent.

Not surprisingly Commercial loans are up by a staggering 23.4 per cent over last year – largely due to the wake of the “heavy handed” APRA regulations, taking the heat of the property market and forcing some investors out of the market, thereby prompting banks to become more proactive and competitive in the commercial lending space.


What’s more, there’s a little known secret, that certain lenders view some  investor housing finance (residential property) – through certain Investment Structures as ‘Commercial Loans’  – thereby attracting the business friendly rates. Only with solid advice from a good mortgage broker and specialist property tax accountant and under certain conditions, can some investors in residential property potentially benefit from the lower commercial interest rates.

If you are looking to buy a commercial property or need business funding,  please contact your C&N Broker on  1300 306 868 or submit an online enquiry here.


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