Australian Government Disaster Assist

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Australian Government Disaster Assist – ATO
•    The Australian Government will make sure flood and cyclone affected victims receive the support they need as they begin the difficult work of rebuilding and recovery. This includes emergency payments for people that have been evacuated, grants for small business and farmers and the rebuilding of critical infrastructure such as roads, bridges and schools.
•    Recent Treasury forecasts estimate the total cost of the Federal Government’s recovery effort will be in the billions. So far, more than 631,000 payments of the Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP) through Centrelink have been made, totalling $733 million (as at midnight 22 February 2011).
•    More than 55,000 payments of the Disaster Income Recovery Subsidy through Centrelink have been made, worth over $24 million (as at midnight 22 February 2011).
•    More than 200 Ex Gratia payments have been made through Centrelink, worth over $313,000 (as at midnight 22 February 2011).
•    The Australian Defence Force’s work this week includes general clean up activities, infrastructure assessments, temporary repair work, water purification, search and recovery operations.
•    A total of 2500 Centrelink staff are working on connecting people with this emergency assistance. Centrelink staff  have answered more than 654,000 phone calls to the Australian Government Emergency Information line – 180 22 66. Centrelink answered 10,000 calls on Monday, 21 February 2011 alone.
For further information regarding the practical help the ATO can offer you, please visit Help through difficult times.
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Current disaster assistance
•    Tropical Cyclone Carlos (February 2011)
•    Western Australia Severe Thunderstorms (February 2011)
•    Western Australia Bushfire (February 2011)
•    Victoria Floods (February 2011)
•    Tropical Cyclone Yasi (February 2011)
•    Victoria Floods (January 2011)
•    Queensland Floods (November 2010 – January 2011)
•    New South Wales Floods (November 2010 – February 2011)
•    Western Australia Floods (December 2010)
•    Financial assistance for flooding and severe weather events November 2010 – January 2011
•    NSW Flooding – October 2010
•    South East Queensland Flooding – October 2010
•    New South Wales Weather Event – September 2010
•    Victorian Flooding – September 2010
•    Victorian Bushfires – January/February 2009

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