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One of the leading questions that I get from some of the many people that I meet at Seminars is ‘How can I also be as successful’? Whether it is being successful in business, personal, property investing, or investments they sense that there is a lacking in their understanding and they have a desire to want to learn more. Wanting to know, ‘What is the secret?’ to being successful!

Navigating Land Tax With Ken Raiss

Ken Raiss considers some of the traps and pitfalls of land tax, offering suggestions on how to minimise this state-based tax. Aidan Devine   What is land tax? Who should pay it? And can I reduce this major property cost …

Improve your lifestyle in retirement

Improve your lifestyle in retirement: Four steps to maximise ‘negatively gearing property in Super’ strategy With the ability to negatively gear property in superannuation while still at work against your personal tax, more people are looking at this …


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