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Commission Only

There are very few industries that are able to pay Commission Only to their staff.  Real Estate is one, but they must meet certain requirements. For most other companies, this just isn’t an option available to you. If …

Sham Contracting

Fair Work Act 2009, Independent Contractors Act 2006, Awards – what happens when you are in breach of 3 pieces of legislation?  You get fined a lot of money. What if you have 3 contracts that are Sham? …

Casual Staff by Karen Vercoe

Calling someone a casual does not make them a casual.  Please ensure your employment relationships with your staff are correct.  Once that person has any form of uniformity and/or regularity to their role, they are no longer a …

Recruitment by Karen Vercoe

Don’t forget if you are looking to Recruit, we do this on an hourly basis, not a percentage of salary. Contracts of Employment They are not a legislative requirement, but they take the ambiguity out of your relationship …

Contracts of Employment

Recently a client contacted me to advise that he had received a letter from the Fair Work Ombudsman advising that a past employee was requesting back pay in the sum of $2,800. He was confused. This person was …


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