Unfair Dismissal Claims

Smart Tips for Avoiding Unfair Dismissal Claims

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I find that often businesses don’t understand the risks involved in terminating employees until they find themselves sitting at the end of an unfair dismissal claim by an employee that they’ve just terminated. 


So many unfair dismissal claims (that cause so much wasted time and expense) can be easily avoided just by doing a few things differently.


In our podcast Talking Law, we outline the things that you can do differently to keep away from these issues. And the small things that you can put in place in your business to minimise this ongoing risk.


Listen in to find out what risks exist for businesses, how easy it is for disgruntled employees to bring an action against you, and four action steps you can take.


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And just click on one of the links below if you would like to subscribe to the Talking Law Podcast, to discover how to avoid the lurking legal landmines in business before they blow up!


Dismissal Claims

Employee Dismissal Claims

Tips on Dismissal Claims



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