Beware of the new email scams targeting ASIC customers

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Scammers have been pretending to be ASIC, contacting customers and asking them to pay fees or give their personal information. The emails have a link with a fake invoice, which if you click, infects your computer with a malware.

The most recent scam emails are for “transfer of business name registration” and “renewal of business name.” Watch out for these emails and be careful when it comes to official emails.

How can you tell if an email is a scam? There are two indicators:

  1. ASIC always puts the specific business name in the subject line. If there is no reference to the business name, the email is likely a scam.
  2. ASIC always gives out a link that is an ASIC address. If it is not, the email is likely a scam.

To avoid being a victim to this scam, you can check your registration renewal date as ASIC only issues a renewal notice 30 days prior your renewal date. If the time frame is off, it is likely a scam.

Other warning signs include asking you to make a payment over the phone, asking you to make a payment to receive a refund and asking for your bank or credit card details.

Always be informed. To protect yourself from these email scams, make sure your anti-virus software is up to date. Beware of emails that do not address you by name or have unknown attachments and never click any link on a suspicious email.

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Source: ASIC

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