Building Or Managing A Property Portfolio?

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In August, Real Estate Investar was judged best of 65 new emerging add-on companies for their Portfolio Tracker software and its integration with Xero’s accounting platform. This was launched in November 2014 after completing a 21-month/$2m redevelopment of their entire web platform and property investor tools.

We have been partnering with Real Estate Investar since early 2014 and are pleased to announce we have launched a dedicated page on our website here  where you can choose to sign up to email newsletters containing the latest property investing news, download free suburb performance reports, trial their software for free for 21 days or view an online demonstration of their suite of property investing tools.

Whether you are building or managing a property portfolio, Real Estate Investar’s all-in-one platform will help you reach your property investing goals faster and achieve amazing things.

Take Real Estate Investar’s Free 21-Day Trial Worth $174!

Take a free trial today and you will receive:

  • 21 days access of Real Estate Investar’s entire suite of powerful, integrated tools, whether you decide to cancel or continue to a full membership.
  • 5 hours of free one-on-one webinar training to ensure you get maximum benefit.

The trial is risk free. If you decide to cancel during the first 21 days you won’t be charged a thing.

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Here are the intuitive features you are going to love…

  • Instantly find investment property that matches your buying rules with our investment focused search engine
  • Analyse your property investments: Create 10-year cash flow and capital growth forecasts.
  • Accurately estimate the value of any residential property and view on the market and sales history for better negotiation.
  • Analyse the investment performance trends of every suburb and complete your research with the latest data.
  • Real time portfolio tracking: See market values, capital growth, equity, income, expenses and cash flow in real time.
  • Integrate your data with Xero, the global leader in cloud accounting.
  • Improve portfolio performance: Add thousands per year to your bottom line by easily monitoring and optimising the financial performance of each property.
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Sign up for the free trial today  join thousands of other property investors who are using Real Estate Investar to help them save time, minimise risk and maximise profits.

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