Chan & Naylor Accountants in Hawthorn warn clients about another ASIC email scam blog image

Chan & Naylor Accountants in Hawthorn warn clients about another ASIC email scam

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Chan & Naylor Accountants in Hawthorn warn their clients about a new scam in a form of an email, asking business name registry customers to provide their personal information and pay fees to renew their business name. These scam emails usually have a link which infects the customer’s computer with malware or shows an invoice with fake payment details. If you receive this scam email, make sure not to click on the link.

When you receive an email from ASIC or any other government agency, remember that official correspondences don’t usually request for private and important information. Organisations never want customer information to be compromised and to avoid it, they often require personal appearances or the use of their official websites when dealing with sensitive information. Bear in mind that ASIC will never ask you to make a payment over the phone and to make a payment to receive a refund. It will never ask for your bank or credit card details by phone or email as well.

Other criminal-intent emails include a simple plain text with a .doc attachment that contains a malicious macro code. Purporting to be from ASIC, these .doc macros in attachments are used to install malware on the victim’s computer. Macros run in the background when .doc files are opened and can be used to download spyware, viruses and trojans.

Scam email attacks can be destructive and expensive for businesses and new criminal intent emails are sent every day. These emails usually appear at busy times of the year such as tax and holiday times when it is easy to overlook anything suspicious. If you receive this fraudulent email, delete it right away. Protect your business and don’t wait until it happens to you.

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Be wary of unexpected or unsolicited emails which ask you to open attachments or click on links. If the email claims to be from a reputable organisation but you are unsure of its legitimacy, contact the organisation concerned using contact details obtained from the official website or other sources aside from the email itself. Make sure you have antispyware and antivirus installed on your computer and always keep it updated.

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