Chan & Naylor celebrates auditors on #AuditorProud Day

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This #AuditorProud Day, we look at how bright the future is for auditors. Many doors are opening to opportunities now despite jobs becoming automated or the increasing regulatory standards we have to meet.

Auditors provide trust and confidence, which are currently at an all time low. Because of that, people now call for more transparency and our role has never been more important.

As people start losing faith in institutions, governments, politicians, business leaders and big companies, auditors, on the other hand, can help solve the society’s pressing challenges as they combine trust and new technologies together.

Auditors can now analyse data in a system and give people greater confidence in the results, come up with deeper insights and talk about different topics.

An example of this is a payroll system, which aside from compliance, we can now provide a detailed analysis of, capably showing a client’s pay gap based on gender, geography, business and seniority.

The richer data available now can provide us with insights that can help us become better business people. Auditors now have a new sense of purpose by tapping into some complex issues. Our role is expanding despite automation and robotics.

For #AuditorProud Day, let’s see why auditors are important to the economy.

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The Chan & Naylor audit team consists of diverse experts and people, all with their own critical minds and judgment required of a good auditor.

We embrace innovation and changes because we believe it gives us the opportunity to further improve and question how things are being done.

Auditors with a passion for technology can also build new applications and add value to clients, teams and organisations.

Auditors not only provide financial statements, we also deliver confidence and solutions to complex issues and challenges.

What can you do?

If you would like to know more about auditing, you can click here to know more about Chan & Naylor services. You can leave your details here and we can schedule you for a free consultation. We’ll contact you to explain more.

Whether you are a beginner, seasoned investor or business owner, we can give you guidance to maximise the financial areas of your life. We can give you an integrated and tailored solution of your superannuation, taxation, property investment, asset protection, estate planning and more.

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