Chan & Naylor gets its ATO Product Ruling renewed for its Property Investor Trust (PIT®) Deed blog post image

Chan & Naylor gets its ATO Product Ruling renewed for its Property Investor Trust (PIT®) Deed

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Chan & Naylor gets its ATO Product Ruling renewed for its Property Investor Trust (PIT®) Deed issued on the 27th of June 2018. This is exciting news for our clients, putting Chan & Naylor again at the forefront of innovative products designed for property investors.

The Property Investor Trust® Deed was designed from the ground up specifically for investment properties and the ATO Product Ruling will continue to guarantee new and existing Chan & Naylor clients that the interest paid on their loans from buying an investment property will be tax deductible as long as they comply with the requirements.

The PIT® is the only Trust Deed that doesn’t have a Vesting Date. All other Trust Deeds have a Vesting date meaning their Trust Deeds will cease to exist at a point in time in the future triggering capital gains tax and stamp duty.

The PIT also provides optimum asset protection and flexibility with Tax Planning and Estate Planning. The PIT® is also the only privately administered Trust Deed in Australia that has an ATO Product Ruling.

The Property Investor Trust (PIT®) is an investment vehicle that was specifically designed for long-term property investors. It incorporates several unique features that make it a premium property investment trust structure for holding real estate investments. It ultimately allows property investors to protect their assets, have certainty from ATO on the deductibility of the interest on their loans, flexibility with legal minimization of their tax liabilities and pass the property from generation to generation without capital gains tax and stamp duty.

Most Trust Deeds expire after 80 years, triggering CGT and stamp duty and stopping the property from being passed on to the next generation tax effectively.

It is also vital to seek the advice of Chan & Naylor to be able to maximise the benefits of the Property Investor Trust® Deed. One of the benefits of the Property Investor Trust® is its family lineage clause, which protects assets within blood relatives only, in case of a family court dispute or bankruptcy. It can also hold multiple assets controlled by different family members.

The Chan & Naylor PIT® Deed allows investors to claim the negative gearing against their wages as long as they follow the ATO Product Rule within the PIT. Unlike a Family or Discretionary Trust which quarantines the negative gearing within the Trust Deed.

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Other Trusts do not provide 100% certainty as to the tax deductible of their bank interest. The PIT does by virtual of the ATO granting the PIT their Product Ruling.

Property investors will certainly benefit from an investment structure that is specifically designed for them and their future; a structure that provides the framework and flexibility to create, control, preserve and safely pass on wealth to the next generations. The property is also protected separately from an individual.

Chan & Naylor Accountants are experts in dealing with issues on land tax thresholds, Stamp Duty, Capital Gains Tax (CGT), income tax and distribution of rental income and asset protection.

This can minimise or even eliminate land tax in some States. The Property Investor Trust Deed can also protect assets in case of a marriage breakdown of a child. It eliminates the E4 problems with other Trusts and allows control to change hands such as the Trustee, without triggering CGT and in some States ownership to change hands without triggering stamp duty. This also enables the splitting of assets of the Trust.

Chan & Naylor Accountants are knowledgeable about the many issues and complexities that Australian investors have, particularly the lack of flexibility that trusts offer for property investors. Property investment is a very effective way to build wealth as long as you have the right property investing tools such as Chan & Naylor Group’s expertise in property tax accounting and PIT®.

If you would like to know more about the Property Investor Trust (PIT®) Deed, you can click here to know more about Chan & Naylor services. You can leave your details here and we can schedule you for a free consultation. We’ll contact you to explain more.

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Whether you are a beginner, seasoned investor or business owner, our property and business tax accountants can give you guidance to maximise the financial areas of your life. We can also give you an integrated and tailored solution for your superannuation, taxation, property investment, asset protection, estate planning and more.

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