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Chan & Naylor Joint Venture Partner Conference November 2018

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From 29 November to 30 November 2018, Chan & Naylor will be having its Joint Venture Partner Conference at NAB Academy Building, 50 Miller Street, North Sydney.

Chan & Naylor partners from across the country will meet to discuss the latest updates about their respective Chan & Naylor offices. The JVP Conference will also provide an opportunity for partners to connect with other Chan & Naylor partners and learn from each other.

The two-day conference starting 29 November will focus on new cost-effective methodologies and tools to ensure better tax accounting, bookkeeping, and wealth planning services for Chan & Naylor clients. Chan & Naylor partners will also deliberate ways to strengthen cooperation within the partners to better service their clients Australia wide.

Skilled third-party industry providers will also be joining the event to share their insights, best practices, and solutions for better business management.

Chan & Naylor Joint Venture Partner Conference November 2018 Speakers

Chan & Naylor Joint Venture Partner Conference speakers image

Topdocs, a legal documentation company that offers innovative online ordering solutions, specialist advice, in-house legal review, and technical training for their clients, is one of the speakers for this year’s Joint Venture Partner Conference.

Also joining the event is BMT Tax Depreciation, a quantity surveying company that provides tax depreciation services. They will be sharing their methods on how they help residential investors and commercial property owners claim maximum property depreciation deductions.

The Sydney-based boutique specialist commercial law firm, Aspect Legal, will also present in the said event and will share their expertise on fulfilling legal requirements, how they focus on their clients’ growth as well as helping them thrive while protecting them from the unexpected storms of business.

Further, property portfolio and real estate specialists, DPN, will be sharing their knowledge on how they help their clients build their wealth and become financially independent through property investment.

The annual Chan & Naylor Joint Venture Partner Conference has been effective in keeping their partners current with property and business trends, which in turn, help them to successfully meet the needs of their clients as well as help them to become better business owners.


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