Chan & Naylor talks about Queensland Grants

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Watch the video above as Chan & Naylor Brisbane Partner Michael Burgess discusses grants available to business owners.


Hi and welcome to our new show on kwikTV where we will share important information to help you grow your business and further improve your financial affairs.

I’m Amber Wyatt from Chan & Naylor Brisbane and I will be your Show Host, where various team members from Chan & Naylor will be answering key questions and sharing valuable information in a video format to help you grow your business and further improve and manage your personal financial affairs.

The Show will connect you with business professionals to chat about everything business from grants, management, leadership, KPI’s, tax, finance and also investments.

So please enjoy the show and do send us any questions re any topics whenever you like.

Michael, let’s start with grants currently available in QLD, can you share with our clients the variety of grants they can apply for?

(MICHAEL) Thanks Amber, Hi, I’m Michael Burgess from Chan & Naylor Brisbane. 

In reality, the number of grants available are too large to list in this format.

At any given time, there are 10 to 15 grants available. 

The grants are either state based or commonwealth base. But predominantly state based.

(AMBER) Up to $2.5M is available from the Business Development Fund to help businesses that are commercialising new research or innovative ideas, products or services, this is a very exiting funding. What are your thoughts on this?

(MICHAEL) The business development fund is a fantastic initiative by the Queensland government. Up to 2.5 million is available from the business development fund to help businesses that are commercialising new research or innovative ideas, products or services. The business development fund focuses on the growth of innovative Queensland businesses, particularly in the emerging industries of tomorrow. It will create high value, knowledge based and skilled jobs now and into the future.

(AMBER) That sounds absolutely fantastic Michael, I also know the Business Development grant’s applications are open on ongoing basis which is brilliant! Can you share the eligibility criteria of this opportunity?

(MICHAEL) Sure Amber, the eligibility of most state government grants tends to be the same, however for this particular grant, the eligibility criteria are as follows:

The business must have the majority of its assets and employees located in Queensland

The business must not be an investment fund and 

the business must not have property development, land ownership, finance or construction as its predominant activity. 

(AMBER) One of the Grants that has been released in September 2017 is for small businesses focused on high-growth and employment. The round is still open, what is the criteria to be eligible to apply for this grant?

(MICHAEL) The eligibility criteria for the grant released in October 2017 is the same as for the business development fund with the exception that the business must employ a minimum of 10 people.

(AMBER) In relation to this digital grant, who would be eligible to apply and what would the cut-off date be?

Well I hope you enjoyed our first show on Grants currently available.

In this ever-increasing busy world we live in, video communication is becoming a great new way to share some added value information with clients, so we hope you enjoyed our new KwikTV Initiative.

It’s intended to be short and sharp and to the point so it’s easy for you to watch.

Of course, please contact us to discuss the grant applications and how these items relate to you personally. That’s all for now! See you next time, Amber.

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