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Chan & Naylor Setting a Higher Standard in Wealth Planning

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Here at Chan & Naylor, we continue to raise the bar of financial advice to our valued clients. Aside from our reliable tax accounting and bookkeeping services, we are also a wealth planning firm that empowers our clients throughout the country to achieve and go beyond their financial goals.

Chan & Naylor Wealth Planning can give you great financial advice by formulating a strategic plan to build your wealth for life. We will also monitor, administer, and give you ongoing personal wealth management advice to keep yourself on track to reach your financial goals. Our services also include building your investment portfolio, superannuation strategies, key person risk management, Centrelink entitlements, financial advice for clients in aged care services, retirement planning and retirement income streams, Estate Planning advice, as well as a full range of wealth assurance solutions such as life, disability, trauma, and income protection.

We are independent of any financial institutions or banks so that we can truly focus on what’s in your best interests, and not theirs.

Chan & Naylor Estate Planning focuses on HOW you transfer your wealth, not just who

Estate planning gives you peace of mind. It addresses what happens to your property and your children when you die. It can also plan for your incapacitation, such as if you’re injured in an accident or become ill and are no longer able to manage your affairs.

Estate planning ensures your assets are managed and transferred as stated in your wishes in the most cost and tax-effective way possible.

How you transfer your assets is just as important, if not more essential, than determining who your recipients are in a Will. You may be exposed to a substantial loss of assets as well as high taxes if the ‘how’ is not dealt with.

A Will defines where the assets should go to at the time of the owner’s death, however, it does not safeguard the assets. Therefore, if you’re successfully sued before you pass away and you lose your assets, you have nothing to hand down.

The Chan & Naylor Household Estate Arrangement™, one of our many estate planning strategies, is a lawfully binding commitment to move ownership of your assets on death to a specifically developed family lineage trust so that only your blood relations will get ownership of your assets.

You can consult with our friendly team of wealth planning experts to help you formulate a robust estate plan. Speak with one of our Wealth Planning advisers here.


Aside from wealth planning, have a look at our other accounting and advisory services that we do to help you achieve greater success.

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