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Your choice of Property Manager can affect your yield

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When buying an investment property, most investors spend copious amounts of time researching the market, buying the right property and surround themselves with a professional team of advisors, accountants, lawyers and brokers, however, little time and effort is usually spent assessing their property manager’s ability and qualifications. That’s because it’s simple, right?

The hard work’s been done, now to just find the right choice of property manager that offers the most attractive fees and charges and sign up with them. Job done. They all do the same thing.

George Kafantaris is the Director of Mosaic Property Management, with a reputation for delivering high quality service in South East Queensland. George is an experienced Property Manager, an ex-chartered accountant and an avid property investor. He is a Qualified Property Investment Advisor and a licensed real estate agent and was awarded Buyer’s Agent of the Year for four consecutive years in a row. Safe to say, when it comes to maximising returns from property, George really knows his stuff.

Mosaic Property Management differentiates itself from traditional real estate agencies as it focuses entirely on property management, whereas most focus their energy on sales. George challenges normal property management convention with Ed Chan, the Non-Executive Chairman of Chan & Naylor. Ed sat down with George to pick his brain and discuss how it’s possible to further maximise rental yield and depreciation, minimise vacancies and arrears, have a proactive approach to expenditure, including maintenance, and increase the number of disbursements to landlords. See the full interview below:


George would like to offer Chan & Naylor clients an exclusive and limited offer whereby George will personally review the Landlord’s Investment Portfolio to determine whether he can improve their rental yield and he’s also offering 6 month’s Free Management Fees so clients can put Mosaic Property Management’s services to the test.


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