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I read a Ted talk just recently entitled “Civil People Make Good Leaders” and I thought well of course they do!!

They are nice and people want to work for them.

Then I thought about it.   Do people decide that their business is doing okay but their staff are a bit of a nightmare and if they showed empathy and civility towards their staff will they be less of a nightmare and more of a team, ready and willing to be directed?

We all want to be a successful business owner, or we want to work for successful business owners.  Because successful people are more pleasant to work for and are able to reward you.

Does this not appear a win-win situation?   Then why are there businesses without civil leaders and staff who are a nightmare on purpose?  Imagine if we all worked in the same direction.   What if we all made a little extra effort?  Not because someone is making us but because we want to.    What would our country look like I wonder?


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Hi, my name is Karen Vercoe and I am the Director of The HR People and writer of this article, “Civil People Make Good Leaders”. Chan & Naylor have invited us to provide you with information about our services and how we can assist you. We are a team of HR consultants with extensive experience in multiple industries and we have national reach.

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Each month we will provide an article. These articles will be information about current legislation and/or clients who have had to pay large fines or penalties to staff because they didn’t do the right thing. Often these people were unaware that they were doing the wrong thing.

If you have staff, there is a large amount of legislation that you need to be aware of and our role is to ensure that you are armed with that information so you can make educated decisions. In the event of a fine, you will be best positioned to act on the consequences before rather than after. We will cover contracts of employment, employment relationships, termination, redundancy, sham contracts, unfair dismissal, workplace health & safety and much more.

If you like to contact us now or you would like more information about us and our team, check out here.

If you would like a Do It Yourself (DIY) Service, check this link.

We look forward to working with you and your team.

The HR People

M: 0408008678


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