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Hi there, it’s Dale here from Business Blueprint, and we’re going to go through another business tech tool. Now this one is by a company called CoSchedule, and it’s called Headline Analyzer. If you want to actually go to it right now, you can quickly pull up that particular website or you can just type in CoSchedule and headline analyzer into Google, and you’ll be able to find it. This is what the website looks like, and I’m now going to actually go through and give you a live demo, and show you how it works.


Get your best “Headline” through CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

What I’m going to do now is pull up Google and you can see I’m on the website, and you’ve got this bar where you can put in a headline. Now this headline could be for example a social media post, it could be a headline for a blog post, it could be a headline for an article that you may be writing as well, or something you might be using in a brochure. What this software does, it uses technology to predict what is going to be the best headline for your particular marketing piece, whatever that may be.

Play around with the Words in your Headline to Increase Clickability

Play around with the Words in your Headline to Increase Clickability
What I’m going to do now is, I’m going to show you how this works, and I’m going to type in a particular headline. I’m just going to put in here, ‘How to write a book,’ for example, and what I’m going to do is click on that, and that’s going to now analyze that as a headline, and give me a score of how good they think this headline is in terms of clickability. How likely are people to respond in a positive way to this as a headline?

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Now as you can see it’s given me a score of about 58, which is okay, but certainly not great. Now what I can do is go, Okay well let me try something else. I might go for example, ‘how to write a book’, and add a little bit more, and I’m going to put here in 90 days, so ‘How to write a book in 90 days.’ Then I click analyze again, and what it does is it tells me, okay that was instantly better. If I put ‘How to write a book in 90 days,’ that’s actually going to be much better than just ‘How to write a book.’


Continue to try other combinations of words, until you hit “Green”

Now if I then want to go further, what I can do is try other combinations very, very quickly and go, okay can I actually improve that particular score? I’m going to come up with an alternative now, which is how to write a book without spending any money. ‘How to write a book without spending any money,’ I’m now going to analyze that as a headline, and as you can see we’re now up in the green, which is great. That’s a score of 72. We started at 58 and then we went to 68, and now at 72, so we’re continuing to increase the power on the strength and the clickability on this particular headline.

Learn more Innovative Tools for your Business

Again we can use this tool for all sorts of different things. It might be your email subject lines, it might be a social media post, it might be a headline that you might use for an article, or you might be writing a post for your blog. This tool which is by the company called CoSchedule we’ve been using, and we’ve found it very, very useful.

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That wraps up this video all around business productivity tech tools. We love these tools, and we love sharing them with you as well. If you’ve enjoyed this video and you’d like further help in your business, the first step if you live in Australia or New Zealand is to come along to a free event that we run called New Rules of Business. You can find out when the next event is going to be running by going along to the New Rules of Business website. You can learn all about what we cover during the course of that event.

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Thanks for watching this video, I trust you found this tool useful, and I look forward to hearing how you find it. Thanks, bye for now.


Dale Beaumont

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