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December is the Month to Get Your New Car

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When is the best time of year to buy a new car?

A very common month that we often see a huge for car finance is June due to end of financial year sales; June is certainly a great month to purchase. But what if you are not ready to buy in June?

December in my opinion is just as good for the consumer.

This is because dealers want to move as many cars as possible to avoid carrying stock that is plated from the year previous. Ie; 2018 plated stock in 2019.

In fact, manufacturers will often put some strong incentives on to help the dealers move the cars as well to help them clear current stock.

Many dealers also run a financial year from January to December. So another incentive to reduce inventory cost and bring in extra revenue.

Manufacturers need the retailers to buy cars from them in the following year, retailers will often reduce their stock holding if they are carrying too much stock particularly from the year prior. So, it’s a win/win for retailer and supplier to get as many cars on the road in December as possible.

Manufacturers will often offer some very strong bonuses and incentives to dealer and consumer to “Buy Now”.

So, for what its worth, if you are considering buying a car and missed out in June or June just was not the month for you, I would strongly consider and recommend looking at options in December.

Great time of year to pick up a bargain.

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