Exclusive pre-release: Sam Khalil’s property investment outlook - Spring 2018 blog image

Exclusive pre-release: Sam Khalil’s property investment outlook – Spring 2018

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2018’s Spring property investment outlook is full of opportunities despite negative headlines, according to Sam Khalil. DPN’s Managing Director advises that some Australian markets look set for future capital growth, with affordable property prices and booming infrastructure. DPN use market leading, independent research including RESIDEX™, ABS and the Real Estate Institute of Australia, matched with proven methodologies to find the next growth areas.

Though headlines focus on the cooling markets in Sydney and Melbourne, this means investors are in a better position to take their time, negotiate on price and reap the rewards of more choice. The property outlook also suggests investors should look at specific second-tier cities. Intrastate and interstate migration is at a peak in Eastern States, with long-term Sydney and Melbourne home owners selling their properties and moving to more affordable lifestyle locations. These areas offer an array of benefits, including job opportunities, population growth, good educational institutions and cultural amenities.

One example highlighted in the property investment outlook is the city of Newcastle and the Hunter region of New South Wales. Along with plenty of employment opportunities, this regional centre boasts innovative educational opportunities, lifestyle perks and substantial investment in aerospace and other industries. Therefore, the area provides good value equation in terms of property prices.

With interest rates at historic lows, home owners are advised to take advantage of the low rate environment, to pay down mortgages and invest. The benefits of duplexes, dual key and dual occupancy properties are also discussed in the property investment outlook, as a way for investors to gain advantage in a stagnant market.

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Based on leading research and proven methodologies, Sam Khalil’s 2018 property investment outlook provides investors with the knowledge needed to stay ahead of the game, this Spring 2018.


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