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Fitness and Sporting industry employees have special tax deductions

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Did you know that the ATO has a guide for tax deductions available to fitness and sporting industry employees? If you are a fitness and sporting employee, you should find out whether you are eligible to claim a tax deduction for your work-related expenses or not.

Employees in the fitness and sporting industry may not claim deductions for their car expenses from home to work even if they work outside regular business hours, they travel between home and work more than once a day and public transport is not available in their area. 

They may only claim deductions for car expenses for travel from one work site to another and from home to work if they carry bulky equipment which is necessary at work, provided that there is no secure area where they can leave these on site. They may use two methods: cents per kilometre and logbook methods.

Fitness and sporting industry employees may also claim deductions for travel costs related to work conferences and seminars. However, they may not claim for travel expenses from sporting events they attend as a participant or spectator if it is not sufficiently related to their income earning activities.

These employees may not claim a deduction for exercise clothes which are considered as “conventional clothing.”

These are track suits, tank tops, shorts, sweat socks, headbands, armbands, t-shirts and running shoes. They may claim, however, laundering and clothing expenses which form part of a compulsory uniform required to be worn when on duty.

Fitness and sporting employees may also claim a deduction for their education expenses at university or TAFE if these are related to their current work and are not reimbursed. However, pre-vocational courses such as a Certificate III in Fitness may not be claimed.

Lastly, they may claim an immediate deduction for equipment they use for work, not exceeding $300. If it exceeds $300, they may claim a deduction for the decline in value. Remember that personal use items are not deductible and not all work-related expenses are deductible.

For more information about taxes in Australia, contact a Specialist to discuss your particular circumstances.

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Source: ATO

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