Foreign Investment in Housing Market on the Up

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foreign investment

A year-or-so ago, the brakes were slammed on banks’ lending to overseas lenders.  But now, while, hardly a tsunami, there is some evidence that foreign investors are buying property.

According to a survey by NAB 10.9 per cent of new property purchases were by foreign property buyers.  In Victoria the figure was as high as 19.3 per cent.

One reason is that, cautiously, the banks are looking at overseas lending again.  The Chan & Naylor team were recently briefed by one lender who will lend up to 70 per cent of a property’s value to non-residents – with loans as large as $2m.

Of course, getting such loans for overseas borrowers is not straightforward.  The banks are applying greater scrutiny to loan applications than they did before – and not everyone passes the test.  But, if you are interested in overseas lending, please contact your C&N broker.

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Doug Daniell - Chan & Naylor

Doug Daniell

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