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How to build and nurture client relationships

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Knowing how to build and nurture client relationships are the keys to a business’ success, particularly for those in advisory positions. Studies have shown that existing clients cost less to service. They also refer new clients more often and at no additional costs to you.

Here are a few great ways on how you can nurture client relationships which can result in more rewarding client connections.

Establish trust

Trust is vital to any type of long-term client relationship. While it may take some time for clients to truly trust their advisors, consistency in effective communication, delivering on what you promise, and prompt updates will eventually win their trust.

Your objective is for clients to feel comfortable enough to be open about their aspirations, and they trust you to assist them to the best of your capabilities.

Personalised communications

Personalising communications or interactions with a client can be done in a number of ways. For instance, you can build rapport by talking about your personal details or background that relates to the advice that you’re providing. If a client was acquired by way of referral, don’t forget to use the individual that referred them as common ground to begin with. Using a questionnaire would also allow you to know more about your clients so you can ask questions that are more meaningful and will allow you to find out more about their goals.

Personalising your interactions will make it possible for your clients to see you as both a person and an adviser which will strengthen your relationship.

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Give strategic and actionable advice

Providing strategic and doable advice that exceeds the most obvious answers is an excellent way to add value for your clients. Regardless if it’s saving more money on products or services, looking for the best deal, or providing up-to-date knowledge about tax laws which can affect the client’s financial situation, strategic advice demonstrates that you provide true value, which will help you nurture long-lasting, and mutually beneficial client connections.


Being consistent on what you say you are going to do and when you promise to do it by are vital to a successful client and adviser relationship. Updates and timely correspondence will enable you to set reasonable client expectations in case unexpected things happen.

If you can always provide what you say you can, clients will trust you more and more over time.

Work on quality

In all aspects of your client relationships, from communications to delivering results, focus on quality instead of standardised procedures and short-term results. By working on providing quality service and personalised communication over the long term, you are very likely to satisfy client expectations, as well as prevent pointless interactions, and nurture worthwhile connections.

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