How to double (or triple) your website leads

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Is your website working hard enough? It needs to be a lot more than an online brochure in order to increase website leads.

Websites are powerful marketing tools.  Learn how to attract customers and direct them down your sales funnel with these tactics:


1. Overhaul the copy

Once a customer comes across your website, they decide if they’re going to move on or keep browsing in only a few seconds. Grab them with both (virtual) hands with an irresistible statement that simultaneously catches their eye and answers their question.

Here’s a quick question: Which headline catches your attention?

Kitchen Appliance Providers’ or ‘Cook, Clean and Create

Do you see where I’m going? The first statement is nice and still has a place on the site in terms of SEO, but the second is more inspiring, while still getting the message across of what’s for sale.


2. Increase website leads with original content

It’s important that you establish yourself as a trusted expert in your field by sharing your knowledge with your online visitors. Do this by crafting original content in the form of blogs, videos and infographics. This will give you a head start in search engine results and will create a point of difference over the competition who don’t adopt this strategy.

Your content shouldn’t be a sale pitch. It should highlight the skills that you have to offer and give customers further reason to get in touch with you.


3. Don’t be afraid of pop-ups

A lot of business owners shy away from the idea of website pop ups because they’re seen as interruptions. This is not the case – if you’re offering the customer something they want. Research pop up offers that work and put them to use to add to your customer database. Creating a popup that offers a first-timer discount or gives something away for free helps to maintain a connection with your website visitors.

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4. Pump up your calls to action

The most important copy on your website is the ‘microcopy’.

Consider something as simple as ‘Phone us: 02 xxxx xxxx’ versus ‘Call now for a free quote! 02 xxxx xxxx’

Make your microcopy special and even have a little fun with it to encourage your web users to get in touch.


Dale Beaumont is the CEO of Business Blueprint, a revolutionary program for small business owners. Please Click Here to sign up for a one day workshop in a city near you that will change the way you run your business.

Dale Beaumont

Disclaimer: This article contains general information. Before you make any financial or investment decision you should seek professional advice to take into account your individual objectives, financial situation and individual needs.

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