How to Motivate Your Team to Increase Productivity

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Often when people think of motivating teams, they think of team based activities or social gatherings; the usual things like dinner, attending a motivational training session, weekend staff bonding sessions etc.

They are all good at making you feel great for a day but it all disappears after you come back to the office and find yourself working In the business again.

Often when you are busy you can spend all day “being busy” but have not produced anything. Nothing is more demotivating than to have lots of unfinished cycles due to having too many things to do all at the same time.

In my experience, the best way to motivate and build self esteem is to Get them to finish a single job before going home that night.

When one finishes a task it generates a sense of job satisfaction. With that builds self esteem.

Typically they may have a hundred things they are trying to do at the same time. For example They may have 50 client jobs that are half complete. Nothing is more demotivating than trying to do too many things at the same time.

Simply get them to finish one task before going home and watch the job satisfaction increase and self esteem follow. In other words help them prioritise.

To avoid having 50 half complete jobs you should not start the job before all missing information is at hand. Yes I know sometimes one doesn’t know what is missing until one starts the job. However if you can get 80% to have their work in before starting the job you will see a huge increase in productivity.

Reduction in turnaround time, reduction in WIP, earlier to invoice, lower debtor levels and more money in the bank.

Ensure all staff have at least 2 weeks worth of work on their register.

Nothing more demotivating than when someone runs out of work and everybody have to stop what they are doing to get work in. This mismanagement has a knock on effect to productivity from the junior right up to the partner.


A focus on productivity is the best way to build job satisfaction and self esteem.

Hope that helps.

Ed Chan - Chan & Naylor

Ed Chan – Non-Executive Chairman & Co-founder

Ed Chan 

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