JVP Meeting November 2017: Be mentally, emotionally and financially ready for retirement

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On November 30 to December 1, Chan & Naylor will hold its second JVP meeting for 2017 at the Story Bridge Hotel in Brisbane, Australia.

The meeting will be about embracing and integrating new methodologies to better serve their clients and one way to do this is to introduce transition planning.

Transition planning is a framework of proven processes, which help pre-retirees design a rewarding, happy and healthy life after full-time work. Pre-retirees now can create personal and business transition plans to be mentally ready to move on from their career or to let go of their business and successfully transition to life in the next chapter.

Some people have a hard time leaving their full-time work as it can be a big life changer. It is not only a personal process but a financial decision as well. Some don’t know what to do with their time or who will they be without their work identity. However, through careful planning, this transition can actually be an exciting opportunity to redesign their lives and redefine their work/life balance. After all, this transition is inevitable for everyone.

To assist with transition planning, Transition Planning Australia (TPA) helps business owners, executives and professionals aged 45 years and above to create a personalised framework for a fulfilling life in retirement. TPA aims to help them optimise every aspect of their retirement experience.

People have not been properly focusing on their succession or retirement strategy. Some have even faced an identity crisis after their business or career and feared a lack of purpose. However, using the methodologies developed by the Successful Transition Planning Institute of Boston (STPI), TPA can now offer programs designed to equip people with the tools that enable successful life transitions.


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The Business Transition Planning programs help clients analyse and apply strategies for choosing the best new owner of their business, navigate the obstacles that may arise during the business transition process and develop business transition and succession goals with a team of advisors. This can involve developing systems so the business can operate independently of the owners. TPA programs encourage clients to work with their financial advisors and accountants on issues such as business valuations, taxation, business structures and the sales process.

The personal transition programs are one or two day workshops that often cater to small to medium sized groups of couples held at conference facilities or workplaces. There are one-on-one sessions for business owners and follow-up support after the program as well.

People who are active in body and in mind in retirement and live with identity and purpose often benefit from good health. TPA aims to help people focus on what is important in their lives by asking them to explore their values and objectives and develop a structure of planned activities in their new lives. This will give them direction and confidence.

Chan & Naylor aims to partner with its clients and provide them with a holistic approach to grow and protect their wealth. This includes transition planning. All Chan and Naylor partners from different states congregate for two days for the JVP meeting where they will present updates and ways to strengthen synergy with accounting partners to the group. There will be third party industry providers, such as TPA, who will introduce new concepts to the group.


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Chan and Naylor has nationwide offices in Brisbane (managed by Michael Burgess and Robert Edwards) and Capalaba (managed by Janelle Bartlett) both in Queensland, Melbourne CBD and Moonee Ponds both in Victoria (managed by Sandro Bagnati), East Perth in Western Australia (managed by Lilian Fisher) , and Bankstown (managed by Peter Ristevski), Parramatta (managed by Clive Nelson), Pymble (managed by Ian Seeto), North Sydney (managed by Andrew Stanning), and Sydney CBD in New South Wales (managed by Ershad Ulah). The Wealth Planning Division is headed by the Chan and Naylor Finance team with Graeme Salt and Doug Daniels.

For more information about transition planning, please contact Transition Planning Australia at

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