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Property trends to expect this 2018

Many Australian property investors, first home buyers and home owners are wondering how the property market conditions in 2018 will be like. In 2017, some of the country’s hottest property markets have changed gears after a five-year streak …

What to expect in 2018

As the sun sets in one part of the World, it is rising elsewhere. This is true for Australian property in 2018. While the long-anticipated cool down in the (investor) markets of the eastern states is now upon …

Finance for the Older Generation

‘I am in my 60s, can I get a mortgage?’ This is a regular enquiry that Chan & Naylor brokers receive. In many instances, the answer is ‘Yes’. However, for maturer-aged applicants, some lenders are more flexible than …

Why global interest rates may further drop

Because of changing demographics and the pool of global investment and savings, interest rates may further drop. More investors are looking for returns, causing asset prices, properties and shares to bid up as returns continue to drop. This …

Sydney and Melbourne rental shortages in 2019

Vacancy rates dropped in most capital cities in August 2017. According to reports, the national vacancy rate of 2.2% was slightly lower than last year’s 2.3%. Melbourne and Hobart are experiencing sharp increases in median asking rents while …


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