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Are Interest-Only Loans Now Dead?

There was a time when property owners were advised that their investment loans should be interest-only and the loan on their own home should be principal and interest. But now some experts think that borrowers should radically change …

For Borrowers – 10 June is D-Day

Banks are under pressure to make it harder to get a loan – and after 10 June it is going to get harder. The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has told the banks that they need to stop …

When your Fixed Loan is not Fixed

  How to get your fixed loan fixed? Many of us are opting for a fixed loan to give us security on what our loan repayments will be.  But some find their position is not as secure as they thought …

This Week, It Got Harder to Get a Mortgage

This week, it got harder to get a mortgage.  The Australian Prudential Regulations Authroity (APRA) announced new supervisory measures for banks.  In particular, banks are required to: Limit the flow of new interest-only lending to 30 per cent …

Easy Ways to Make Money in 2017

Investors are constantly looking for ways to build their wealth and accumulate more assets. Here are some very simple strategies that could help you save and make money to achieve your financial goals. Here are 7 easy ways to …

Offsets – Great for Reducing Interest Payments

Offset accounts were once considered so sophisticated they were only offered to professionals such as doctors and solicitors. Now, pretty-much every lender offers offset accounts, thereby shaving countless dollars and years from the life of a loan.   …


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