Leadership Focus: “Right Results” vs “Being Right”

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Something I’ve learned as an Accountant, businessman and a leader in my company  (which can apply to any business and industry) is that your technical tax skills does not guarantee success. What will, is your Leadership and Management skills. It is how you lead your business and manage your team, clients etc., that will get the best possible result.

I’ve witnessed how the same worker (‘Grinder’) under the leadership of a different Manager (“Minder”), produced significantly greater results – productivity was higher, client portfolio increased etc., –  even though it was the same person.  Why? Simply because the way the second Minder/Manager had managed the Grinder.

At times, it’s often tempting when we are managing someone for tasks to be done exactly the same way we would have done it ourselves.

 However a Good Leader makes decisions based on the “Right Results” and not on “being Right” – it’s the result that matters and sometimes not how you get there.

The Right Result is about the client’s welfare, your team’s training and development, morale and productivity, the shareholders and creditors of your business.

When delegating tasks, dealing with clients or making managerial decisions about any issue in any context,  you can either:

1) Or, Save face and embarrassment, but at the expense of the Right Result for the client , team, company.

2) Be willing to admit that you are wrong , be faced with being embarrassed / humiliated – but could produce the Right Result.

Focus on the decision that will produce the “right Result” even at the expense of not “being Right”.

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This is not easy as pride and ego gets in the way.

I often fail and constantly have to work at it.

Hence its not easy to be a Leader as sometimes you have to put yourself second to the Right Result. If it was easy, then everyone would be a great leader.

The greatest Leaders in the world have the greatest humility because they know they need the help of their team to achieve the right results; they focus their attention on helping their team to be the best they can be, versus poor leaders who focus on their own welfare, such as saving face etc.

Great Leaders grow the pie for all to benefit.

Poor Leaders fight for a larger slice of the pie, which is at the expense of those who end up with a smaller slice of the pie.

So if you as the Manager insist on that it should be done your way and yet the result is the same (and at times better than the way you have done it in the past), it may hurt your pride and ego a little to accept a different way.

A good leader is one who focuses on getting the right Results and not on being “Right”. That approach will build team moral, their clients are happier, which leads to better profits for the company and the shareholders, creditors get paid earlier and as the pie is larger, better wages for their teams .


Disclaimer: This article contains general information; before you make any financial or investment decision you should seek professional advice to take into account your individual objectives, financial situation and individual needs. Click for more detail regarding this disclaimer.

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