Leap into the New Year with Leasing

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JennaLeap into the New Year with Leasing …. It’s not for dummies!   It’s a very smart business move! – By Jenna Ford                                             

There is good news coming into the New Year with measurements of business sentiment starting to strengthen and employment figures looking steady.

It’s an excellent time to look forward into the coming year and strategically plan what vehicles, equipment and plant you could invest in to enable your business to take advantage of a strengthening economy and conserve its cash flow for better things – like raw materials or stock for your shelves.

Knowing that a good portion of our clients are small to medium business owners Chan & Naylor Finance have made a strategic alignment with one of the country’s best suppliers of funding for leases, hire purchase funding and chattel mortgages – Lease Choice. They are a specialist in business finance and leasing solutions from $2,000 for a new lap top to $200,000+ for a luxury car and guess what?

We have found that their quotes are really competitive and their service is fast!

Here’s 6 really sound reasons for asking us about leasing solutions for your business.

  1. A business which leases the better part (or all) of its Capital Equipment is often making one of the smartest decisions possible, particularly where that entity either produces goods for sale (Wholesale) or is a re-seller (Retail).
  2. Companies whose success depends on turning over stock, and making a healthy profit margin in doing so, often have significant capital tied up in non-productive, Depreciating assets. How much better off would they be by renting the manufacturing equipment, office technology, or retail Point of Sale systems, and then investing your available funds in more raw materials, or stock for their shelves? How many more times could you turn over your stock, making the same GP each time, whilst avoiding the Balance Sheet debilitating effect of Depreciation!
  3. Many businesses still make the mistake of thinking that “ownership” of an asset is necessary to enable their business to maximise its utility. Nothing could be further from the truth, as often the most productive and useful assets are those which are regularly replaced and upgraded, to ensure that they are performing at peak efficiency. A large quantum of these assets are employed within a business under an Operating Lease /Rental facility, ensuring maximum tax effect, and maximum flexibility.
  4. In the Service Industries, whilst capital equipment is rarely a feature, the ability to “rent” the IT, furniture, and telephone systems, may well enable the business to deploy the freed-up capital to employ other support staff, enabling the professional staff to concentrate on fee generating activities, and this theme can be replicated in virtually all types of industry or endeavour.
  5. Tax efficiency of when and how you structure your leasing, hire purchase or purchase funding is vital to the bottom line in any business. You can now tap into the accounting know of Chan & Naylor and ask your client manager, who knows your business financials well, how best to structure your acquisitions.
  6. We’ll get back to you with quick and competitive quotes on the finance that suits you and your business.

Makes great business sense to pair accounting savvy with some of the best funding sources in the market place.   This equips you well for a smart start to the New Year!

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Jenna Ford

Director – Chan & Naylor Finance

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