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How a car broker can make your life easier

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Searching for the right car doesn’t have to be laborious and stressful. With Chan & Naylor Finance, the car brokers with whom we work can get you the car of your dreams so you won’t have to spend countless hours going through lemons and simply missing out on great deals. We can save you time, energy, and thousands of dollars. Here’s how.

What a car broker can do for you

Essentially, the car brokers with whom Chan & Naylor Finance work can negotiate car purchases or trade-ins on your behalf. They have access to top car buying services that can negotiate a purchase by means of a private sale or purchasing a new or used vehicle.

Typically, we contact trusted dealer networks who are at least within the same state. Sometimes however, our car brokers have also utilised interstate dealerships who occasionally have too much stock. As a result, these dealers will offer our clients with very affordable prices and include great bonuses with their car purchase.

In addition, car brokers do this on a daily basis compared to what most Australians do one or two times in a decade, which means we can give you access to the best car deals out there. We are always looking for quality cars and bargaining offers on them. The Chan & Naylor Finance Team get quotes from a wide selection of trusted dealerships which creates very affordable offers that we then pass onto our clients.

Furthermore, as our client, you can benefit from our group-buying power by getting access to near-wholesale rates. We have opportunities where our car brokers may be negotiating with a car dealer on behalf of several private buyers. As a result, this helps make it possible for our brokers to tie together a selection of sought out vehicles as a means to obtain better pricing for every vehicle.

It is clear that you can greatly benefit from a car broker as they have more access to highly affordable deals and have much more leverage to negotiate compared to an individual buyer. Normally, Chan & Naylor car brokers save clients approximately 10-15 per cent of the price of a new car. We can also get our clients about 10-20 per cent more for their trade-ins. Additionally, we help our clients save about $1,000 – $5,000 on financing.

Talk to our friendly team of finance experts by clicking here today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you get your dream car.

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