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Make China Trademark Registration a Priority

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If you manufacture goods in China or derive any revenue from China, it’s time to put trademark registration at the top of your list of priorities.

In what is becoming an alarmingly common phenomenon that has affected even the biggest multinationals (we’re talking Penfolds and Apple, for example), an increasing number of businesses are suffering huge loss simply because they have not been quick enough to register their trademarks in China.

With China operating under a ‘first to register’ trademark protection system, this message is crucial for anyone who manufactures goods, buys good, sells products or services or uses their brand in any way in China.

In most cases, businesses aren’t aware that this risk exists – particularly if they are not actually selling their products in China. However, if someone is first to register your brand in China, for example, local laws might prevent any goods you have manufactured there from being exported. In essence, you could lose the right to own and use your brand in China.

For more information on this topic, we urge you to listen to our most recent episode of Talking Law Trademarks in China in which Joanna Oakey discusses the ins and outs of this quandary with our resident trademark expert, Grace Yi. To have a chat about your current exposure and how best to deal with it, please make it a priority to book in a free call with us here.

This is an issue that cannot be ignored and timing is critical.
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