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Managing investment properties from the other side of the world

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What happens when your job gets transferred from Victoria to Detroit and you want to settle on an investment property from the other side of the World?

Chan & Naylor Finance’s Lucy Ramunno recently had to arrange finance for a C&N client crossing multiple time zones – often handling SMS and email enquiries in the middle of the night.

The client is a buyer for GM Holden’s Truck Division, now based in the USA.  He had approached his current lender for finance – only to be told that their ultra-cautious overseas borrower policy meant they did not think he had the income to service the loan.

Thankfully Chan & Naylor Finance know which lenders are most generous with overseas borrowers.

From the other side of the world, Lucy was able to tap into the equity in the client’s original Melbourne home to source a $114,000 deposit plus a $512,000 loan secured against the client’s new investment property.

Lucy’s client is now the owner of two Melbourne investment properties with finance organised via C&N Finance.  He managed to get them financed despite the Detroit winter and all from his armchair.
Lucy Ramunno imageLucy Ramunno, Finance Broker, Chan & Naylor Finance Melbourne

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