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New scam targets ASIC customers

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There is a new scam circulating where scammers claiming to be from the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) are getting in touch with Registry customers requesting them to pay for fees and provide personal details to renew their company or business name.

The scammers send out emails to Registry customers where they would often have a link that presents an invoice along with fake payment information. Also, the link can corrupt anyone’s computer with malware once clicked.

Indicators that the email is not from ASIC

Here are warning signs to look out for:

  • The email from “ASIC” is requesting you to make a payment over the phone.
  • It wants you to make a payment in order to receive a refund.
  • It is asking for your banking company’s details or credit card information directly by phone or email.

Here is an example of the email scam. A client from Chan & Naylor Parramatta recently received this exact email except with a different email sender.

ASIC Scam email image

Should you receive an email like this, inform ASIC by forwarding the entire email to

ASIC will only provide a renewal notice 30 days prior to your renewal date. If it’s outside this typical time frame then it may be a scam.

How to secure yourself from email scams

To secure yourself and your personal information from email scams, start by checking the sender’s details. Make sure it’s not suspicious looking like the email in the above example.

In addition, make it a habit to always update the anti-virus software on your computer. Updating your anti-virus software will assist in keeping scams at bay because it will warn and stop you from visiting unsafe links.

Furthermore, watch out for emails that don’t address you by name, spell your details incorrectly, or have unfamiliar files attached to the emails. If you do encounter a suspicious email, do not click on any links as they may download malware on your computer.

For more tips, read our article, “Human error a major reason for hacks and breaches“.

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