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Now is the Time to Invest in Property

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The recovery in the property market is underway, creating opportunities for investors.

Over the last two years, negative headlines about the state of the property market have bombarded investors and home owners. Armed with data from the CoreLogic Home Value Index, DPN advises that we’re starting to see evidence of a turnaround in property prices.

Positive sentiment has returned

With housing more affordable now than at the peak of the market, along with interest rates at a record low, investors have reason to step into the market. Home loan serviceability rules have been relaxed and stimulatory measures like rate cuts, infrastructure investment and stamp duty discounts have improved demand in the market. National owner-occupier mortgage activity is at its highest since 2012.

Property prices have turned the corner

Property search activity is up by as much as 25%, with buyers responding to stimulatory measures. This means increased competition at auction for desirable properties, which in turn is pushing prices higher. According to CoreLogic data, there’s been an increase in national dwelling values by 1.2% across October. This gain was the largest monthly increase seen in over four years and it was the fourth successive month where property prices have risen.

Why it makes sense to invest now

With clearance rates and property prices on the rebound, the worst of the cooling market is in the past. Data points to an increase in the pace of the recovery. For example, Melbourne property prices recently increased 2.3%, which is the best result in 10 years. Investors looking to take advantage of the recent downturn are advised to recognise the early signs of a recovery and make the most of the opportunity.

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For more comprehensive information, see DPN’s article: Now is the time to invest in property.



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4 responses to “Now is the Time to Invest in Property”

  1. Splashsyd says:

    If you put your money into a rental property purchase in a city where rentals are constantly in high demand, you will likely find yourself with much more stable investment returns.

  2. Marthure says:

    The value of your property will likely go up more slowly or even decrease during a recession.

  3. Alex Smith says:

    This is indeed a piece of good news for property investors and home buyers. With affordable housing, they can start to make huge financial decisions. They can truly benefit from this positive situation. Based on the given information, it is definitely agreeable that the time to invest in property is now.

  4. Brepblc says:

    After two consecutive months of price increases, I begs to ask the question, has Melbourne’s property market turned the corner?

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