Partner Profile – Michael Burgess our Brisbane Partner

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What does one of our busy Partners do for their recreation/time-off, from running a high profile and very active Chan & Naylor practice?


Offroad 1

They take their 4WD to the Beach of course, which is what recently happened with Michael Burgess who manages the Chan & Naylor Brisbane accounting office.

Living local to some of Australia’s great sandy beaches, knowing how to navigate them in a 4WD is an important safety requirement, and one that would need to be addressed to allow Michael to further enjoy the great outdoors with himself and family.

Offroad 2

You see, Michael purchased his 4WD almost three years ago but always had a real fear in getting it dirty (think mild-mannered accountant driving on bitumen only and you get the idea), so taking it off road and using it to its full capabilities was an entirely different matter. Being the resourceful person that he is,  Michael contacted a local 4 wheel drive specialist to assist with some serious ‘back to 4 wheel drive school’ training.

Offroad 3

Michael selected a trainer who is currently certified under the ‘International Four Wheel Drive Trainers Association’ and holds the Master Tread Trainer Qualification certified by Tread Lightly.  The training focus is with guiding like-minded individuals through our beautiful country, without damaging the environment, or impacting on other recreational users.

Offroad 4

The day was spent on a local beach and gave Michael lots of application with hands on training behind the wheel that included driving on both wet and dry sand, negotiating steep climbs and how to rescue a vehicle in the event of it being stuck.  it wasn’t all sitting behind the wheel either, at times it was getting out of the vehicle, digging, using sand ramps under the wheels all while getting a lot of sand in his shorts!

Offroad 5

Michael Burgess

Offroad 6

After successful completion, the course ended with cool drinks under the shade while discussing the days events.

Offroad 7


Michael and family are now happily enjoying off-roading safely amidst the great Queensland outdoors.


Michael Burgess

Michael Burgess

Disclaimer: This article contains general information. Before you make any financial or investment decision you should seek professional advice to take into account your individual objectives, financial situation and individual needs.



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