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Peter Ristevski of Chan & Naylor Business Accountants in Bankstown talks to Coach James Short about his journey towards success

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Peter Ristevski of Chan & Naylor Business Accountants in Bankstown has recently been interviewed by James Short on his podcast. 

James Short is a certified trainer in neuro-linguistic programming, time line therapy, hypnosis and DISC behavior style. Using his degree and 16 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur, personal and business coach, James Short assists small to medium businesses in managing their most valuable asset – their people. His coaching and training programs help business owners develop clear communication lines with their staff and create a strong, cohesive team that can increase efficiency, productivity and goals while living the company’s vision and mission.  

To inspire his followers, he interviewed Peter Ristevski of Chan & Naylor South West Sydney and talked about his journey towards success. 

Peter Ristevski is a CPA and holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from the University of Western Sydney. He has more than 20 years of experience in the accounting, finance and property sectors and thrives on helping clients achieve their financial goals. Peter’s expertise and commentary on property investing has been highly sought after, by the Australian Financial Review and Channel Nine News. 

During the interview, James asked Peter how he was able to grow his accounting firm into the leaders in the industry. Peter first founded the Australia-Macedonia Chamber of Commerce in 2006, was elected Liberal to Liverpool Council and elected as Deputy Mayor for Liverpool. His job has exposed him to the different parts of the property investment process such as approvals, stakeholders, developments, subdivisions, etc. He co-founded one of the first Yellow Brick Road branches in Sydney before he joined the Chan & Naylor Group.

One of the biggest challenges he’s encountered was back when he was still starting a small firm with just a couple of staff. He had to train their staff and build their systems from the ground up. After 20 years of development, the firm is now in a very good position with good branding and as a leading voice in the industry. One of his mentors are Mr. Ed Chan, who taught him to focus on what he’s good at, instead of being a jack of all trades.  

Chan & Naylor focus on its niche business, which is property and business accounting. He also believes in the importance of marketing to constantly get new leads. Chan & Naylor are the leading marketers in the accounting industry. He also mentioned being influenced by Warren Buffet who said that a business must provide a product that everyone understands, systemise it and be good at it. 

Peter also believes in leading by example. Like football coaches, business leaders should systemise and teach their team members their plays. He believes in focusing on the process and not the outcome because doing so will eventually lead the team to achieve the desired outcome. 

When it comes to business culture, Peter trains and reviews his staff regularly. He puts importance in structure, education and being up to date all the time. He aims to be at the forefront and understand legislation. Even corporate uniforms and daily staff meetings impact the culture of the business. 

For Peter, systems are important in leading and growing a business because without it, the business won’t have a foundation and cannot grow. Patience is also important because of all the frustration that comes with leadership and reinforcement. 

In the future, Peter is looking at encouraging small accounting firms to enroll in the Chan & Naylor brand. He also spilled the beans and said Chan & Naylor will soon have an insolvency and restructure division that will assist business who are struggling to keep afloat. 

To listen to the podcast, click here 

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