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Don’t forget if you are looking to Recruit, we do this on an hourly basis, not a percentage of salary.

Contracts of Employment

They are not a legislative requirement, but they take the ambiguity out of your relationship with your Staff. It ensures it is very clear what they are being paid, what their hours are, how long their probation period is, who the intellectual property belongs to, confidentiality for your clients, etc. If you don’t have contracts of employment in place, can I suggest you speak to someone (preferably me) to obtain some ASAP.


Casual Staff

We simply put someone on as a casual, they do the job and after a while we just keep them as casual. Problem is that once they are working for you for more than about 6 months and you expect them to turn up every week, they aren’t a casual anymore and regardless of whether you call them a casual, it does not make them a casual.

If you dismiss someone at this time, they could have an unfair dismissal case against you. Ensure that you change your staff over to Permanent Part Time as soon as there is any regularity to their role – an expectation by you that that person is going to come in from week to week. This will save you a lot of grief if you terminate a casual, who isn’t actually a casual and you get caught up in an unfair dismissal case.

Also, it is a lot better financially for the business if they are Permanent Part Time rather than Casual. Obviously you don’t have to pay the 25% loading if they are Permanent Part Time and any over time they do is also going to be at the lesser rate. If you require assistance with contracts let us know.

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