New Downloadable Book for Property Investors: The Ten Commandments for Successful Property Investors

The 10 Commandments for Successful Property Investors

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Get this new downloadable iBook to discover the ten investment principles that successful property investors instinctively use to that enables them to substantially grow their wealth.

The 10 commandments for property investors is based on Ken Raiss’ personal experience as someone who has a sizeable property portfolio as well as his property accounting and entrepreneurial background.

In this free download, discover why the majority of property investors are not successful. In fact, ATO Data shows that 73% of property owners just have one investment property (18% own two) leaving only 9% of property investors with three or more. If property was such a good investment why stop at one or two?

That’s because, people tend to buy the wrong property and either sell quickly and never buy again, or stubbornly hold onto it hoping things will change.

Investors who do it right normally succeed and succeed extremely well. Therefore to be a successful property investor, requires a different approach to conventional wisdom….

Ken Raiss outlines Ten rules that every property investor should know and apply if they want to achieve success.

  • “Like baking a soufflé, successful property investing requires these important elements: a well-proven recipe, good ingredients and technique.
  • “I’ve followed a well-proven recipe for years, which I refer to as the ’10 Commandments’. These are 10 investment principles applicable to property as well as any other asset class…”


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"Discover the Ten Fundamentals of Investing that successful investors use to grow their wealth. "

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