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Get free videos and an e-book guide on ‘How to protect assets in personal name and How to structure investment properties for better asset protection’ – Total Value at $189.95… FREE DOWNLOAD

Download these Free Videos & E-Book if you want to know how to protect assets in own name, but worried about paying too much tax; and/or if you want to know what name to put on the contract for an investment property for better asset protection – don’t miss this limited time free offer to download these resources.


What you get in the Get Smart with Asset Protection Digital Pack


By Downloading Ken Raiss’ Get Smart with Asset Protection Collection, you can discover little known strategies to how to protect assets in personal name without paying Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty.  

You can also watch videos on what name to buy an investment property in and learn which investment structures are good for better asset protection and those that are not so good for asset protection.  Ken Raiss will show you how smart property investors structure their investment properties that’s effective and allows for flexibility in the distribution and control of wealth and assets.

  • Free 9 minute video presentation on How to Protect Assets in Your Personal Name without paying Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty
  • Free 20 minute video on ‘What Name to put the Investment Property in’ for Better Asset Protection, flexibility, Cash-flow and Estate Planning
  • Free Asset Protection E-Book 
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"Get Smart with Property by Protecting Assets using the appropriate investment structures... "

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