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Learn about how Self Managed Superannuation (SMSF) works and how it could be used to create wealth to secure a desired lifestyle in retirement. In one of the two videos, Ken Raiss outlines how and why a superannuation fund is really the long term family wealth creation strategy. With the right SMSF Trust Deed you could set up an enduring family wealth creation strategy that could last beyond your retirement and potentially passed down to the next generation.

Ken also goes to talk about how, with a correctly set up SMSF and the right financial advice – you can decide what investment strategy you use to fund your retirement, rather than relying on the whim and performance of industry funds or retail funds.

Also, he factually states how someone could to take control of their super  and how to use super to invest in property. Not only could you potentially use your super to invest in property, but you could potentially use borrowed money to do certain kinds of renovations as well.

A SMSF and investment decisions requires specific wealth planning and tax planning advice.

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