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What is a Trust? How do Trusts work? Are all Investment Trusts the same? What things must I consider about Trusts? Why do smart investors prefer using specific types of Investment Trusts to grow and protect their wealth?


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What are Trusts - How do Trusts Work - Ken Raiss Chan & Naylor


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Get Free Access to these resources. In these video presentations by Ken Raiss, he explains what a Trust is, how it works and why it is a preferred investment structure for smart and successful property investors.

He also outlines the three things that one must consider when it comes to getting an investment trust, setting up investment trust and maintaining an investment trust. In particular, the Taxation and Accounting implications of using investment trusts.

Many think that any trust would be suitable for property investing. Not all investment trusts are created equal however, as Ken explains. There is no one size fits all when it comes to trusts.  There are specific requirements that aspiring or successful property investors should demand in a property investment trust.

When you watch these video presentations, you will hear Ken talk about what features in a trust that a property investor should look for in an investment trust.

First, a property investor trust® can give them certainty of tax benefits in regards to negative gearing. Second, it can give them better asset protection. Third, it can have added flexibility to improve cash flow. Finally, more robust features to preserve and transfer inter-generational wealth.

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"Discover How Trusts Work and what the benefits are for Property Investors "

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