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"The Property Essentials for Aspiring Investors to Grow and Protect their Wealth: tax effective structures and strategies for improved asset protection, superannuation and estate planning..."

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...Asset Protection, Using Super to Buy Property with Debt & Introduction to Estate Planning | 'Get Smart with Property Essentials - by Ken Raiss'

What you get in the ‘Get Smart with Property Essentials’ Collection

  • [e-Book] Protect Assets in Your Personal Name without Triggering Taxes
  • [e-Book] Use Super to buy property with debt
  • [e-Book] Safely pass on wealth and assets to the next generation
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This collection of e-Books contains essential information for those who want to grow and protect their wealth. Get Free Access to these popular e-Books (valued at $119) by completing the ‘Download Now’ form on this page.

Read the Asset Protection e-Book to Discover little known strategies to improve asset protection and legally reduce taxes.  For instance, if you are very concerned about protecting assets currently held in your own name (such as investment properties), there is a certain way you can preserve your wealth in those assets, without triggering taxes (i.e. Capital Gains Tax and Stamp Duty, that are commonly associated when transferring title from one ‘owner’s name’ to another ‘name’). Ken’s e-Book on Asset Protection covers this plus three other strategies for investors to protect their assets.

Find out how super can be used to buy and renovate property with borrowed money. In Ken’s e-Book on ‘Using Super to Buy Property…’ he discusses the possibilities of using self-managed superannuation funds with respect to property investing, to take control of growing your nest egg.

In the ‘Estate Planning’ e-Book, you can learn how investors can develop a robust estate planning system…that preserves wealth and passes down assets safely from one generation to the next. There are weaknesses in the conventional use of Wills. There are no adequate measures in place to factor long term asset protection requirements, not to mention all the tax implications that beneficiaries may encounter. When you download this collection and read the Estate Planning e-Book you can  get an overview of what to strategically consider in your estate planning.

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"Get Smart with Property by understanding how to structure your investments to effectively grow and protect your wealth ... "

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