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“At Chan & Naylor, we are passionate about educating our clients and everyday Australians to improve their property investing success.” That’s precisely why we have developed The Get Smart with Property ™  series.

The Get Smart with Property series is a compilation of free digital resources (written by successful property investor and tax expert Ken Raiss) with complimentary subscription to Chan & Naylor – designed to help home owners, aspiring investors and seasoned investors alike.

We have grouped these free resources into several categories comprising eBook and Video presentations covering essential information about how property investors can effectively grow and protect their wealth creation through property. Scroll down to preview topics and download your preferred compilation in the Get Smart with Property series – or click here to jump to free downloads.


‘Get Smart with Property™’ Series: FREE Downloads


  • Asset Protection

    Asset Protection Guide for Property Investors - Get Smart with Property

Want to learn how you could protect property in your personal name, without paying Capital Gains Tax or Stamp Duty? Download Ken’s ‘Asset Protection Guide’ for property investors now to learn more.


  • Estate Planning

    Get Smart with Estate Planning for property investors - Get Smart with Property

Want to ensure adequate estate planning and asset protection to family lineage (blood relatives) only? Discover the inadequacy of most ‘Wills’ and strategies you could use to protect your family’s wealth: Download  ‘Get Smart with Estate Planning’.


  • Property Investing Success

    successful property investors - get smar with property

Discover the ten laws that successful property investors instinctively abide by – what separates the successful investors apart from average investors. Download the ’10 commandments for successful property investors.


  • Superannuation

    Get Smart with Superannuation - get smart with property.

Learn how to use your superannuation to invest in property, with Ken’s eBook and Videos. Download the ‘Get Smart with Super’ Pack for property investors.


“At Chan & Naylor, we are passionate about educating our clients and everyday Australians to ‘Get Smart with Property’ to improve their investing success and grow from strength to strength, from generation to generation…”

Ken Raiss - Get Smart with Property

Ken Raiss, the author of the Get Smart with Property Series™


FREE Downloads & Subscription

ADDED BONUS: As an added bonus when you download any of these free resources in the Get Smart with Property series, you will automatically join thousands of property investors and business entrepreneurs who receive monthly updates from Chan & Naylor property specialist accountants, wealth planners and mortgage brokers. Watch this video to learn more.


Get Smart with Asset Protection for Property Investors: eBook & Videos

“How to protect assets in your personal name without triggering taxes”

asset protection package
In this exclusive digital collection, Ken Raiss outlines several investment ownership strategies unique to Chan & Naylor that property owners can use to protect their investments - for better asset protection and legally reducing property taxes such as CGT and Stamp Duty...Tap the download button now to learn more.


Property Investing Success: FREE eBook

“The 10 Commandments for Successful Property Investors…”

10 commandments ebook cover - icon (3)
If property was such a good investment, why do most investors stop at 1 or 2 properties? Ken Raiss unpacks the Ten Rules that every successful property investor with a large portfolio, instinctively follows...


Get Smart with Superannuation: FREE Videos & eBook

“4 Top Tips for Super / How to use your Super to Invest in Property…”

Top Tips for Super - How to buy property with Super - Free Download by Ken Raiss - Chan & Naylor
Ken breaks down how Self-Managed Super Funds work and how to borrow money to buy or renovate property...


Get Smart with Estate Planning: FREE Video & eBook

“Wills, Estate Planning & Protecting Assets – how to safely pass down assets within your family lineage (away from the in-laws!)

estate planning package
In this compilation package, Ken Raiss highlights the importance of having the right investment structures and agreements for estate planning, and how typical Wills potentially fails to provide a safe and tax effective transfer of inter-generational wealth...



Get Smart with Property Essentials: eBook Collection for Aspiring Investors

“Property Investor Essentials: Asset Protection, Superannuation & Estate Planning”

Property Investor Essentials - ebooks Ken Raiss Chan & Naylor
The essentials pack of 3x eBooks by Ken Raiss who shares what you could potentially do to protect your assets, control your super and safely pass down wealth to the next generation...


'Investment Trusts 101'

“What are Trusts? How do Trusts Work? “

 What are Trusts - How do Trusts Work - Ken Raiss Chan & Naylor
What is a Trust? How do they work? Are all Trusts the same? What things must be considered when using a Trust? Why do smart investors prefer using specific Trusts to grow and protect their wealth...Download this pack to find out!


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