Webinar – Smart Tax Strategies for Property Investors

Tuesday, July 16, 2019
7:30pm CST

July is a month when a spotlight is put on tax affairs.  How are your finances tracking this past year?

With the federal election behind us and renewed optimism and confidence in the property market, how should property investors take advantage of changed market conditions?

There has been a fundamental change in buyer and selling psychology in the last 2 months.  In this unique webinar we address many of the key questions that you want answers for, including:

  • Are we at the bottom of the market?
  • What’s going to drive the market forward from this point?
  • How has the property market responded to Coalition Government win?
  • Property versus Shares? – Which is the better asset class?
  • What tax strategies can you use for the coming year?
  • Is holding property in trusts worth the effort?
  • Is buying property in SMSF still a good idea and possible?
  • What are some “Equity building” property strategies investors can take?
  • Where can you find “Positive cashflow properties”
  • What’s your prediction on interest rates?

To answer these topical questions, Rich Harvey has invited Ed Chan, Chairman of Chan & Naylor, to share his expertise on how you can improve your tax affairs and get the right advice around the best way to move forward. 

Ed Chan

Co-Founder and Non-Executive Chairman
Chan & Naylor


CEO & Founder propertybuyer.com.au

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