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Is Your Business Struggling? Are you feeling Overwhelmed?

C&N Turnaround Solutions

  • Constant creditor harassment by phone, email, text and post?
  • High legal costs to settle disputes that if confronted earlier, could have been settled more cost effectively?
  • Personal liability for debts that would normally be contained in a corporate structure if dealt with earlier.
  • Claims on personal assets (family home, vehicles etc) – for company debts.
  • Family and relationship breakdown due to the overwhelming stress involved?
  • The prospect of reduced after tax cash from the sale of your business within a company structure (e.g. No general Capital Gains Tax discount on sale of assets)?


Through Chan & Naylor’s specialist team of ‘Business Turn Around’ Specialists, you can get the help and answers you’ve been looking for…

Corporate Insolvency & Business Turnaround Solutions | C&N Turnaround Solutions


…We can help!

  • Strategies to better negotiate payment arrangements and if it comes to it, an external Officer appointment – all creditors then become the appointee’s problem.
  • Direct negotiation with creditors to stave off legal action. Expert Legal Advice as to the options available on a case by case basis if legal action has already commenced.
  • Formal and informal restructuring advice.
  • Business structuring advice prior to problems arising so that the maximum: estate planning, flexibility, cash-flow and asset protection is afforded to directors and shareholders.
  • Frank advice,  and step by step exit strategies.
  • Restructuring strategies and liquidation options for business sale to help legally reduce tax.



C&N Turnaround Solutions is ideally suited for Companies, Business Owners or Individuals:

  • Under cash flow pressure or where a significant personal/ownership change has occurred or is about to occur (Death, family breakdown, divorce, sale of business)
  • Where a significant change has occurred is about to occur (Death, family breakdown, divorce, sale of business)
  • Successful businesses/Individuals that are looking to change their corporate structures (eg: realise the value of their investments through a business sale or solvent company dissolution, remove low value shareholders, acquire new entities/corporations)



Why choose Chan & Naylor Turnaround Solutions?  

  • 24 hour access to specialist accounting, legal and turnaround management professionals that are recognised experts in their specialist fields.
  • A professional understanding of the Legislation and requirements that surround the field and the ability to guide clients through the challenges and pitfalls.
  • Relationships with the required strategic partners to provide the full suite of services and advice required to achieve a successful outcome for the client.
  • Free one hour initial consultation.
  • One point of contact to manage the process and co-ordinate any external advice or independent appointments required.
  • To act for and on behalf of the client and in their best interests.
  • No nonsense, direct and trustworthy advice.



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