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 Your personal wealth portal and complete financial world in one place, 24/7.

The C&N Wealth Portal is an all-in-one online wealth management, cash-flow budgeting and financial analysis tool. When you register for C&N Wealth Portal’s sophisticated but easy to use system, you can quickly develop a complete picture of your net worth right at your fingertips. Get a summary of everything you own and owe, see your future wealth projections, review your financial priorities and receive a personalised action plan. And when you upgrade to a Pro account, you can get real-time data feeds (of your credit cards, home loan, bank accounts and super) and you can even receive online valuations of your properties and motor vehicles. All of your financial data in one secure and convenient place. Learn more.


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Features & Benefits


  • Enjoy the benefit of having all of your accounts in one place with one login – credit cards, bank accounts, home loans, investment loans and more.

Everything in one place - Chan & Naylor Wealth Portal

  • All of your assets and liabilities are conveniently in one place so you can see everything you need at once. Link all your accounts & more.



  • Utilise a broad range of real-time data feeds including property, superannuation , investments and cards – anywhere, any time, on any device.


All the latest data - with Chan & Naylor Wealth Portal


  • Take control of your cash flow with automatic categorisation of your income and expenses and instant budgets. Say goodbye to spreadsheets. You’re in control.



  • Make tax time easy by storing all of your financial data, including transaction receipts and documents, securely online.



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It’s easy to setup your personal wealth portal. Simply follow these three simple steps:

  1. Click on the New User/ Register Now button and select which Chan & Naylor office you’re registering your Wealth Portal account with.
  2. Setup your Free Account
  3. Login to your personal Chan & Naylor Wealth Portal where you can manage all of your finances in one place, anywhere, any time.
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Simply select the login button and choose which office your account is registered with to take you to your personalised login page.


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